Q. What type of filling material do you use?

We use a high quality composite resin material (white filling) to restore teeth as we understand that people want their teeth to look natural when they laugh, talk and smile. A composite filling requires only one visit, during which the tooth is prepared and restored. An advantage of composite fillings is that they require less of the healthy part of a tooth to be removed to hold the filling in place as they bond adhesively to the teeth.

During placement, the resin has a soft putty like consistency which can be sculpted and moulded. It is then hardened by a blue light which sets the filling to full strength within a matter of seconds. You will be able to eat on the tooth and filling straightaway.

Composites are preferable for obvious cosmetic reasons but if the decayed area is large or is subject to heavy chewing pressure, we may recommend another type of material or restoration. The tooth coloured alternatives to composite resin include crowns, porcelain veneers, ceramic inlays or onlays.

Q. How much do fillings cost?

The cost of a filling is determined by many factors including how many surfaces are being restored, whether it is a front tooth or back tooth and what type of material is being used. It is difficult to quote for a restoration as it can range anywhere from $60 to hundreds of dollars.





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